12,000 year old Göbekli Tepe: most important world monument?

Scientific challenges to the beliefs promoted by the Brahma Kumaris so called "World Spiritual University"
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12,000 year old Göbekli Tepe: most important world monument?

Post10 Feb 2013

Göbekli Tepe is a Neolithic site on the Turkish-Syrian border which is considered to be "one of the most important monuments in the world". It has been dated back to 10,000 years before Christ - or 12,000 years ago - making it more than 7,000 years older than the British Stonehenge and more than 9,000 years older than the temple of Somnath in India.

Unless you are a BK adherent ... in which case it is no more than 2,500 years old, existed at the same time as the Dinosaurs and is younger than Somnath because Somnath was the first temple (... damn, those where a business few years after the end of the 2,500 years of Heaven on Earth which the BKs ruled!). There is a problem with this hypothesis however. Although the construction has many animals carved on it, and 100,000 bones of edible wild animals scattered around it proving it could exist in the BKs' vegetarian heaven, there are no dinosaurs on it, no symbols of Shiva, and no Brahma Kumari centers nearby (... which suggests the area could not be "an island in the BKs' Gold or Silver Age" as they believe any ancient site outside of India must be).*

Funnily enough, as my education ended when I entered the Brahma Kumaris' so-called World Spiritual "University" and my brain started to atrophy, I'd never actually heard of it before today and I am sure neither has Dadi Janki or Lekhraj Kirpalani ... but Göbekli Tepe is a 25 acre arrangement of perhaps as many as 20 stone circles ranging from 30 to 100 feet in diameter and the oldest man-made burial site or place of worship yet discovered. Not only was it built by a team of 100s of individuals long before it is believe writing was invented, it was also later deliberately buried with as much as 300 to 500 cubic meters of soil per circle at a later date.

gobeklitepe_nov08_2.jpg (65.34 KiB) Viewed 2548 times

* According to Brahma Kumari theory, all the continents in the world are about to sink below the oceans for 2,500 years in a cataclysmic event they call "Destruction" ... except for India and where Brahma Kumari mediation centers are currently positioned.

India, they claim, will be remodelled as 'Heaven on Earth' and the sites of BK centers will become islands to which the reincarnated BKs will fly at high speed in nuclear powered, thought controlled flying machines (... an actual BK belief!). Only in another 2,500 years will all the other continents arise again, hence all of evidence pre-history - including the dinosaur period - must exist after 500 BC only.

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