Lee James and BKWSU Australia

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Lee James and BKWSU Australia

Post24 Mar 2009

Posted by diiogenes on 07 May 2008
diiogenes wrote:A bit of a late reply to this thread but, as I knew Lee quite well (we were in the same year at NIDA), what I have to say may flesh out the picture of this soul who recently expounded the significance of the Mayan calendar. Prior to our BK lives, as an actor, I knew Lee to be a fearless, enthusiastic, talented and eccentric performer. I liked Lee a lot, and there was a mutual respect/friendship between us without us feeling we had that much in common.

It is interesting that most of those traits survived his entry into, and commitment to, Sydney Brahmin life. I did the course in Melbourne, April '84, but wasn't ready to don the whites and become Brahmin like. I happened to stay with Lee at his home in Sydney a year later.

He told me all about his Raj Yoga life (he'd done the course six months earlier) that he was in the very process of moving into Indraprasht (living with Didi Nirmala, her male assistant nicknamed Radar, and Anthony (Strano?) - who was kicked out of Indraprasht for showing a girl through the premises soon after, I remember) ... how he'd changed his mind about becoming a politician, and now knew he was to become a Yogis.

He told me about his experience at a BK programme in (I believe) NZ where one of the Dadis had chanelled baby Krishna, and that he would take up learning Hindi so he could become an interpreter for the senior yogis, and had no doubts about what he was doing. I told him I'd done the course previously, which was met with a kind of ambivilance. My girlfriend went into another room and Lee gave me drishti, I remember.

Early '86 I think. I'd been a good little yogis, attending Amrit Vela, following Shrimat, somewhat awkwardly transforming from wearing light colors, to cream, to white BK style, to fit into the Brahmin family. It was six months later when I next saw him. Our meeting in Sydney was preceeded by a number of phone calls from me. Initially I just asked him science questions that I was curious about - what happens to the satellites and space probes at cycles end (he said a senior yogis had told him the entire universe turns to light - OK, at least someone was willing to offer some answers now).

The third or fourth call I blurted out the frustration and misgivings I was observing and experiencing, particularly within the leadership of the Melbourne Brahmin family. His response was I should move to Sydney. I said it wasn't practical at the time. I remember him saying a lot of the Brahmin family were in bondage, that center-in-charge Michael Smith '(the soul) doesn't know who he is'.

I got the impression my calls, though infrequent, were testing Lee's patience. He actually said to me on my third? call before I organised to visit Indraprasht a couple of months later, 'let the questions cease'. Hearing that, I felt like a door had been closed, while I was in the thick of Brahmin weirdness and dysfunction down in Melbourne. To wit, a 2 hour Bhatti and special programme was held at the inauguration of a Sister's Center - run by Gope and Mahoney (pronounced Marny) bhen, I remember.

As was her fashion, Didi Nirmala got the newbie Sister living in the center onto the ghadi stage to give her experience. She was a school teacher I'd met briefly, a coupla months before. She did not say much but I've never forgotten, "Sister Gope and Mahoney are so positive and supportive. They tell me what to do and, even before I can open my mouth, they've said, 'You're attached'". This woman had tears welling in her eyes, and they weren't tears of liberation.

Gope (an ugly piece of work and for good reason nicknamed Groper by a then friend of mine) and Mahoney sat near her with that learned air of superior detachment, that accompanies indifference to the plight of a lesser being. No one said anything about the obvious reference to the bullying. I had steam coming out of my ears. I waited until the programme ended and followed Groper and Mahoney into the kitchen, fully intending to fix their little red wagon one way or the other, so frustrated, repressed and despairing I was at too many months exposure to similar behaviour (Sparkal, your classic post on Sisters opened my eyes a lot, thanks).

I don't remember exactly why I couldn't get near them, too many other Sisters between us, they moved away out of the kitchen fairly quickly and I was both angered and relieved. The serve I was ready to give them was monumental. All it would have taken was for them to make eye contact, which they did not.

It's interesting, looking back, why I did not hold Didi Nirmala more accountable on those occasions. I think it was because she just wasn't accessible on so many levels. I'll address that one a bit more further along. In any case, by the time I later arrived at Indraprasht I was hoping for a lot more enlightenment. What I got was more disturbance in general. I remember it was saturday morning class, just finished, Didi Nirmala had began calling non-Indraprasht BKs and newbies to introduce themselves and give their experience.

My jaw nearly hit the flaw when several Sisters, two whom I knew, scurried to sit and fawn and stroke Didi's knee as she pontificated on something or other, "The importance of sharing, you must love Baba, blah blah blah". Sorry? I am a bit distracted that you're not addressing this idol/icon worship going on at your feet. I stiffened up the sinews and did my duty when my turn came to 'share'. It was pretty excrutiating, but I did it as honestly and positively as I could.

I also remember starving most of the time I was there, which was only several days (in reference to the girl's classic post here, who was crippled with guilt about wanting a second chapati). I got so hungry at one point I followed my nose to the kitchen, was eyeing some bowls of custard or the like on a bench. In one of those surreal moments Didi Nirmala walked through the kitchen, without giving me a glance, and I was caught in my intention to take something.

Boy, did I feel small, hungry and embarrassed then. Lee James was telling me to afford Didi Nirmala the same respect I gave to Baba, that this was the level of cooperation they deserved for their role. But I just began to see her as an obstacle. I think she knew I was in the kitchen because I was damned hungry. She knew I'd travelled up from Melbourne the night before, was new to the place. She couldn't afford me a look, let alone the gesture of offering a bowl of food, but I was being asked to treat her on par with God.

Lee showed me his lifestyle up there, and talked a lot of Gyan, some of which I was able to absorb. The atmosphere of the BK family in Sydney was quite different to Melbourne, to say the least. Creative types were trying to get a few progressive things happening. Million Minutes of Peace programmes had started going into the community (on a slightly bizarre note, I'd offered my services in presenting/public speaking and, being NIDA trained, thought they'd find some use for me in a programme somewhere at some stage, nope. I ended up tagging along with two pukka bros, to a women's auxilliary charity group - it was, literally, lamingtons, cups of tea and knitting needles at ten paces stuff).

These two pukka bros pulled out a white board and one then began drawing Venn diagrams while describing the aggregate statistical effect of co-operation in a community, and how to fit a few minutes peace into that, I kid you not. Besides pukka bros no.1's voice, the only sound in the room was the woosh of air as the information sailed over their heads. I had the temerity to later criticise the Venn diagram approach as slightly inappropriate for these sweet old ladies. Pukka bro no.1 nearly went apopleptic at the criticism. You begin to lose faith in 'the family' when long serving Bhai's like these two show they cannot relate to people, and a criticism nearly kills one.

On the note of family, it wasn't long after my next visit to Sydney I think, Lee had not long gone to Japan, that he admitted he had virtually nothing to do with the Brahmin family anymore! He also said he wasn't serving individuals anymore. I'd been complaining how intolerable things had become in Melbourne with mistreatment and weirdness. His reply astounded me, " I have to admire your arrogance". I then said I believed the BK family was a cult that was harbouring all these unhealthy things. He replied, "Hmmm, cult. I don't know what that means, I'll have to look it up".

You don't get into NIDA and begin studying for a psychology degree and not know that word. It was his way of giving me short shrift. But I expected more of him. He had access to the BK Seniors and did not want to know or see what was going on. He wasn't serving individuals anymore. He was a world server!! God knows what was going on in his head.

Before he left for Japan, he helped co-ordinate a large public programme I attended, so it must've been my second visit to Indraprasht. I remember running into Lee and a guy called Niall, a bass player on a then recent English BK music album. I complimented Niall on his playing (seriously, I was so glad to hear something Western, and easy on my ear in meditation). They both stared at me for about three seconds, exchanged a few words with each other and walked off together as if I wasn't there!

Boy, they must've been busy in service, or perhaps my compliment actually came out, "hey you Irish git, lets have a jam!". I later offered my services to Lee to help with that evening's public programme. Though he did not say, or particularly show it, he might have been under pressure as he again gave me short shrift.

He was discussing flashpots/fireworks onstage for a big finale (lots of BK bhais and bhens onstage holding hands singing something I forget). I had just directed a large event on stage in Victoria and knew there were stringent laws governing naked flame and fireworks indoors at theatres. I asked if he'd spoken to the theatre manager about it, and suggested to check with the fire department about regulations.

He dismissed my suggestion out of hand saying it was unneccessary and he knew what he was doing. I spoke to him by phone a couple more times when he was in Japan. I was a mess by then. I got him to organise to have Didi Nirmala answer a phone call from me to suggest a course of mental health treatment, which I felt I needed then. I'd been starving, isolated, miserable and increasingly depressed, unable to hold down employment as I fell out of the BK lifestyle over a 14 month period. Didi's response was she did not know of any mental health professionals to recommend. That was pretty much the extent of her interest and our conversation.

This has probably been covered on this forum before, but looking back, I suspect she just didnt' bother making any effort to adapt and understand anything of the Australian BKs' makeup, existance and the culture she was coming into. She was probably used to having grateful souls turn themselves inside out to serve, fit in etc. So much so she presided over experiences such as are posted here in almost complete ignorance.

My first trip to Sydney, on a drive with Antony (Strano?) we stopped at a bhavan for some reason, where a 19 year old BK kid from the US grabbed my arm and in quiet desperation pleaded with me to help him get out of the BKs. He said he had no money to get home, couldn't get help from anyone around him and was trapped there. I remember urging him to speak to Didi Nirmala!! Talk about a hollow gesture of help.

The thing that stuck with me was how clearly he was just a kid! Antony and I then went off to harrass Antony's executive Brother about The Cycle and re-incarnation. What a bizarre experience the BK family has been. As I refer to in my earlier post (diogenes) I returned to the BKs briefly in the late 90's to reassess what it had all been about.

Encountering the very same types of problems over several months - bullying, mistreatment, reticence, oppression, suppression within the family, I remember initially speaking to Charlie Hogg on the phone. His reply? "There aren't very good quality souls coming in". I kid you not!! Not, "in the nearly 15 years since you were here we've really understood what Baba means by as is the teacher, so are the students".

At the retreat, I had a private meeting with Didi Nirmala. I did not want to. I felt very little positivity toward her. There hadn't been more than two dozen words spoken between us in the past. I spoke about the bullying I was observing and the lack of effective communication between people (I'd actually said to Charlie Hogg to get Lee James back here in Australia to start teaching communication skills).

I cannot remember her response now, to be honest. But later that weekend she did something I'd never seen her do. She gave me, actually wrote it out on a little 'spiritual blessing' piece of paper, a huge compliment about my skills and creative gifts, how they'd inspire and bring positivity to many people. Now, I'd only been back in the BK fold for about six weeks at that stage.

The night before, Andy Travis, another soul and me had done a humourous sketch as part of the cultural programme. I played a cow's butt/tail, the other two were a coupla flies on the imaginary cows back. Next day, everyone's lining up to recieve their bit of paper from Didi. Poor old Andy, who'd been pukka for about 6 years solid, got some namby pamby wishy washy blessing. When he saw mine he all but cried in frustration. I don't think Didi Nirmala has had the slightest clue of the effect of her 'leadership' on people, and I suspect it's been like that for so long because she did not really care. She wasn't responsible, Baba was. Whatever the specialty of this soul, it is not eliciting and spreading love.

As for Lee. I don't doubt his commitment. He's operated in relative isolation over 20 years in Japan. He was quite eccentric when I knew him. He's pretty knowledgeful. I guess you're really doing your own thing when you reject the ordinary BK family members, and I don't know what blessings or attainments he'd be elligible for in that case. It would appear he's either a great example of a liberated soul who doesn't experience obstacles, or he's settled for Guru ji in the absense of that progress none of us found either.

In any case, he's done more good in the world than harm, and I'd still say hello to him.
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Re: Lee James and BKWSU Australia

Post18 Jul 2009

I knew Lee James from his first appearance at the Surry Hills Raja Yoga Centre in Sydney, Australia, some time in the mid-eighties through to his move to Japan. Lee was a highly gifted individual - who can forget his workshops about getting people onto tables and, of course, his brainchild; the Peace Force?

Lee, like many of us, was a genius at his best and human at his worst - he made mistakes, he rubbed quite a few people the wrong way, but he made an impact on the lives of everyone who came into contact with him, and did more good than harm. I heard that the Japanese Government flew him to New York immediately after 9/11 to provide trauma counselling to Japanese survivors. Now whether that's true or myth is subject to debate, but it does emphasise the high profile Lee earned for himself inside and outside of the institution.

Lee however, wherever he is, would know he was never quite accepted fully into the heart of the Yagya - that core place is reserved for female virgins of Sindhi extraction - and being an Australian male, he was always on the outer even in Australia - it was impossible to shake the "lusty dog" tag even after a decade of high level commitment to celibacy. No matter how hard any of us tried, we could never quite make the grade - we used to joke about being number 16,109!

Cults work on dehumanising individuals, firstly through a sustained and multi-pronged attack on their self-respect, then by sleep deprivation, then by divesting them of wealth and any capacity for independence. We became slaves of the Yagya, and the most ironic thing about that is that we were willing participants in the process. We wanted Raja Yoga to be true, that God really did exist and had come to rescue us from our self-created dilemma.

I, personally, worked hard to convince myself that the 5000 year cycle was true, despite an extremely strong science background, particularly physics, and was responsible for quite a lot of the literature around the Raja Yoga world in the eighties trying to substantiate The Cycle. It causes me no end of embarrassment to think I contributed to the Raja Yoga babble. Were we sheep or lemmings?

Back to Lee. Wherever you are, Lee - and I suspect you're in Tokyo - if you have shed the clutches of the Yagya, well done. I hope you haven't become bitter and are still using your remarkable imagination and creativity in the entertainment and for the betterment of your fellow human beings.


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Re: Lee James and BKWSU Australia

Post30 May 2013

I went to BK Lee class in Australia few years past. BK Lee is in Brisbane centre for many years. He travelled the world as important BK speaker for long time, on stage with Dadis too. But, funny thing, was he had biodata that was all made up and impressed many, and brought in many to programs, so Seniors were OK and happy.

Diogenes says "he was flown by Japan government to counsel 9/11 people", but no. No, no. You see all part of the bio story. Actually, I thought was a good joke. But some not such good things went on and then a newspaper disclosed fakery in biodata and so that was finish of good name and fame around the world for this one Brother to enjoy.
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Re: Lee James and BKWSU Australia

Post01 Sep 2013

See also: BK Lee James and article: World Renowned Psychologist from Australia to address youth in city.

Our sources within the BKWSU have informed us that Lee James was banned from going to the cult's headquarters in Madhuban for 3 years "for making End of the World predictions" and, separately, subjected to therapy or counselling.

Sadly, due to the secretive nature of the Brahma Kumaris, it is not possible to confirm this, nor qualify exactly what kind of therapy but, according to their nature, we have to suspect it would be by another Brahma Kumari adherent.

If so, this appears to be a highly bizarre and unfair punishment. The most strict punishment the BKs can use to coerce a sincere follower with, as not going to the headquarters means not being able to meet or experience their god spirit in person as it possesses their spirit medium in Mount Abu. A terrible loss to a cult member indoctrinated to believe the End of the World is coming imminently as they claim their god spirit is the God of all religions.

It is also a deeply unfair punishment as their leaders such as BK Sister Jayanti, Sister Mohini, Dadi Janki and others have all been promoting the same concept of an imminent Destruction of humanity, including the death of 7 billion human beings, since the 1970s and 1950s respectively.

Why single BK Lee James out? Why not punish relatives of the original founder Lekhraj Kirpalani, Jayanti Kripalani and Janki Kirpalani, as Jayanti herself has admitted in utterly believing that Destruction was about to come and indoctrinated adherents from the 1980s that it would be in "2 to 3 years" ... despite personally knowing and covering up the failure of such predictions in at least 1976.

In the BKs, it's one rule for the Western goose and another for the Sindi ganders.

Lee James was also guilty of exaggerating, or allowing the BKs to exaggerate, his professional achievements ... however, that is nothing new either. The BKs have been doing so about their leaders such as Dadi Janki, and other Western front people for decades. They even claimed all over the world for decades that Dadi Janki Kirpalani was "The Most Stable Mind in the World" when no such scientist had ever stated it.

Why not punish Dadi Janki for her breaches of Shrimat and allowinf the BKs to exaggerate her achievements?

What a joke ... of course they cannot ... "Emperor" Dadi Janki, allegedly "one of the top 8 human beings in all of human history", is their big money draw and punishing who set up and encourage such Western followers would mean punishing all the top leaders of the cult. Their business would collapse

In the BKWSU, it's one rule for the bosses and another rule for the unpaid servants and minions. Remember this when you stick your neck out for the Brahma Kumaris ... they will cut your head off just as quickly as they will help themselves to your bank account or property.

(* Please note that Lee James is not a '[i]World Renowned Psychologist from Australia'. He is unknown in the field and not even properly qualified. Such claims are typical of how the Brahma Kumaris have been exploiting the general public in their press releases for decades[/i]).

Other questions arise such as ...
    How many of the following corporate gigs were paid for and part of the BK business spin off, "Self Management Leadership" and corporate counselling started by BK "contact soul" Brian Bacon, now of the Oxford Leadership Academy, and others?
    Did James even have a working visa to visit India for professional purposes?
The Brahma Kumaris tend not to bother about such legalities either yet they have no qualms about using it all to encult 6,000 young people.
World Renowned Psychologist from Australia to address youth in city - Hyderabad, August 2004

BK Lee James from Australia, an Internationally renowned Youth Counselor, Professional Actor, Post Trauma Counselor, Experience Meditation Teacher and a Psychologist to address a huge gathering of over 6,000 Youth on a subject, "How to Build Foundation for Lasting Success in personal, professional and Academic Life" at Shanti Sarovar near Gachibowli in city tomorrow.

Lee is an Adviser to United Nations Organisation and does Post Trauma Counselling to the People affected by Natural and Man-made disasters. He was one of the 8 Psychologists chosen by UN from around the world to do counseling of 11th September victims at USA.

The entry for the talk is free and youth of twin cities are welcomed in large numbers. BK Lee who worked earlier as an independent field advisor to WHO on social trauma and disaster relief arrived in city on 18th August on a brief private visit to Brahmakumaris and has addressed Top Management of BHEL, Infosys, WIPRO, ISB etc and conducted an exclusive Train the Trainers to the HRD Resource Staff for the past couple of days.

Lee is an internationally renowned Professional Actor and acted in many Shakespearean Plays and is a famous Theatre Personality in Australia. He worked as Adviser to famous Peter Brooks Theatre Company.

Lee is an experienced RajYoga Meditation Teacher and has been practicing RajYoga Meditation for more than 20 years as taught by Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University. During his visit to Hyderabad from 18th August, Lee has addressed Top and Middle Management Executives at Nagarjuna Group of Industries, ICRISAT, Sierra Atlantic, Gandhi Medical College, ICFAI, College Principals Secretaries, Education Dept. etc. on the topic "Joy of Work".

Now he is all set to address a Mega Youth Programme at Shanti Sarovar, an academy for a better world, which is the South India’s biggest Campus of Brahmakumaris on 24th August from 4 to 6pm. Brahma Kumaris is a unique spiritual value-based educational institution of international reputation with more than 6,500 centres in India and abroad in over 80 countries.

How the mighty do fall ...
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Re: Lee James and BKWSU Australia

Post01 Sep 2013

ex-l wrote:How the mighty do fall ...

I hope he has landed on his feet. Lee was, like many BKs, from a very troubled background, emotionally and psychologically speaking.

Encountering the BK way often helps troubled people actually find benefit initially, there's some techniques or disciplines etc that supports them and help them keep it together, to not suffer as much from their own baggage.

But the shame of what happens is, it doesn't let them go. It inveigles itself deep into the psyche, and fills it with its own entrapping psychology.

A good Father raises the child to find its own feet, to make up its own mind and find its own way in the world. Many find in the BKs the idealised Father they never had in childhood. They invest all their unfulfilled emotional needs, and everything else into this Baba, a projection of their inner "wise man".

This BK Baba does not push the fledgling out of the nest, will keep the child enslaved in the golden cage, the family business, filling its head with all kinds of stories about the big bad world out there.

I hope he landed on his feet, outside the gravitational pull of the BK world.

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Re: Lee James and BKWSU Australia

Post01 Sep 2013

What was he being "punished" for ... telling the truth, being bad at PR deception or getting caught? This is what I don't understand. He's done 1/1,000th of the bad the likes of BK Jayanti or Dadi Janki have done.

"Train the Trainers" is a Living Values Education International programme, pushed internationally, again proving the continued 'revolving door' between BKism and the Living Values front where BKism wont sell.
BKWSU/LVEP wrote:UK: Values-Based Education Train-the-Trainer
26 and 27 June 2013 – Cardiff, Wales

This two-day course offers the opportunity for trainers to explore ways of supporting and training colleagues in values education and of supporting the development of values education in their areas. This course builds on the areas covered in the Educators’ Workshop. For more information, please click here.

In 2006, the Brahma Kumaris had Lee teaching "Advanced Counselling Techniques" in a Women’s Crisis Centre in Penang, presumably just a front for introducing BK Raja Yoga. Does he actually have any real qualifications and experience or is it just the "power of a white man" in Asia? A non-profit organisation dedicated to "the elimination of violence against women and children and the promotion of women’s equality and a society free from violence and discrimination. What a joke when the BKs basically enslave 1,000 of young women each year as unpaid workers.

What are these "advanced" counselling techniques ... have they been examined?
WCC wrote:"Seven WCC staff and volunteers attended the training session organised by Brahma Kumaris Penang. Lee James, an experienced psychologist and counsellor from Australia spoke on Advanced Counselling Techniques.

In 2004 in India, he claimed to be
Lee James wrote:"... a popular and wealthy actor and revelling in the fame that I enjoyed when I joined Brahmakumaris. I found myself changing my approach to life and liking it also. I also discovered how theatre can be a marvellous medium for therapeutic workshops, especially for youth," he says.

Did he ever really make it in theatre?
The Hindu wrote:Drawing upon mind power

He specialises in tackling the imaginary and real fears of man. His technique is to make people draw upon the energy within themselves to come out of a crisis. In a talk with C. Maya

A COUNSELLOR and psychologist, a professional actor, spiritualist, a management trainer... the roles that Lee James assumes in his daily life are many.

But he finds it quite easy to slip from one role into another because, as he says, counselling, theatre and spiritualism are all about the mind and its effect on an individual's behaviour.

Lee_James.jpg (12.62 KiB) Viewed 21320 times

"In theatre, I use my spontaneity to elicit reactions from the audience. As a psychologist, I encourage people to look inwards, draw upon the energy within them. Mind is everything and once we learn to manage our mind and thoughts, we will move forward regardless of the changes around us," says Lee James.

Lee James, a specialist in trauma psychology and a researcher in spirituality, has been working with the UN for several years now, in the fields of palliative care, disaster management and emergency preparedness, hostage negotiations, post-trauma counselling and therapeutic theatre. He was in the city recently at a management workshop organised by the Brahmakumaris Iswariya Vidyalaya here.


In 1983, a chance meeting with Brahmakumaris, a spiritual and educational institution, changed his life forever.

"I was a popular and wealthy actor and revelling in the fame that I enjoyed when I joined Brahmakumaris. I found myself changing my approach to life and liking it also. I also discovered how theatre can be a marvellous medium for therapeutic workshops, especially for youth," he says.

He began practising Yoga and meditation and also did intensive research on the healing powers of mind on body, stress management and spiritual empowerment. He has been involved with several international projects for the UN and WHO in post-trauma counselling, working with emergency crew and victims after social or natural disasters. His notable missions include post-trauma counselling at Ground Zero in New York in the aftermath of September 11, 2001 tragedy, at quake-ridden Kobe and Iran, rehabilitation of landmine victims in Cambodia, suicide intervention/prevention in Japan and Korea, hostage negotiations at Indonesia in 2003, among many others.

Ground zero

"I was at work at Ground Zero on September 11 afternoon itself; the rescue workers too needed a lot of support to help them take right decisions. I could not afford to be sentimental, I had to be detached and take the role of a problem-solver if I wanted to assist people to get back to life," he says.

But the environment was torturous and by day three, he was drained emotionally and physically. "By the third day, America's reaction had moved from shock to intense anger and all around me there were heated discussions. Those were moments when I had to struggle to renounce my socio-political beliefs and concentrate on getting people to pour out all their anguish and pain. This went on for nine days," James says.

He also did a therapeutic theatre workshop for people. The relatives of the victims put up a play, in which they tried to portray the last thoughts of the victims. At the end of it, everyone in the audience was crying. But for the actors, they had finally put the tragedy behind them.

He feels that every educational institution should invest in giving their students training in life skills and a value education. Youth today should be taught how to overcome their feelings, to cope with changing environment and to move on with the tide.

"They claim that they are under `stress', but stress is a creation in our mind. We are always trying to justify and prove that it exists. Go through a process of self-reflection and you will find that even stress has positive affirmations," says James.


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Re: Lee James and BKWSU Australia

Post06 Sep 2013

Brother Lee had been living at Brisbane Centre in Queensland Australia since last few years, since all fakery was brought to public light in Korean newspaper, and recently has left centre life. For the sake of truth, Lee Bhai is charismatic and outrageous type of fellow: But all claims on his biodata and articles are untrue.

Brother Lee was never attending Ground Zero, never worked for UN, not wealthy or famous actor, not psychiatrist or trauma counsellor as said then, not counsellor of Bali bombing victims, not hostage negotiations; none is reality, only fiction.

Brother Lee was promoted as main BK speaker by BK Seniors for many years, because he was lively speaker, in spite of Seniors knowing all was made up stuff.
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Re: Lee James and BKWSU Australia

Post08 Sep 2013

I'd say Lee was a victim up until the point where he started to go along with it all ... and he could have stopped at any point. Is it not fair to say, "any adult has the ability to say no, that they don't agree with such deception from an ethical point of view"?

Is it that the indoctrination and encultation is so powerful, or are individuals just hooked in by what ever deep seated needs, vulnerabilities or even more subtle vices they have, e.g. the high of being on a stage in front of 1,000s or a gang to empower them, and go allow with it willingly?

Unfortunately, such specific cases are needed to highlight what is going on and send a strong signal to any others who might be attracted to it.

It still won't stop all of them though. There will always be a few to take the bait. It's the BK version of "human sacrifices" ... the BK leaders will just keep setting up, then sacrificing, as many Westerners as they can suck in and then spit out for whatever benefit they can extract out of them.

When you don't have to pay, when you can even make your victims pay, any benefit at any individual's cost, is still a profit.


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Re: Lee James and BKWSU Australia

Post14 Mar 2015

Hi ...

Can anyone tell me where is Lee James now? I have no idea what happen to him ... was he really banned?

He was truly an angel to me ... I just need to know about him ... is he OK ... etc.


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Re: Lee James and BKWSU Australia

Post15 Mar 2015

Uma I can tell you Lee James was not 'banned' by BK. He has been living in Australia BK centre in Brisbane since many years and reads Murli and giving classes etc. But he blotted his copybook with made up very entertaining and full of danger and drama stories about his life when he was on BK world stage in years past, but perhaps damaging to himself and BK.

So is not so welcome on international speaking tours these days is the case.

But he is entertaining personality and detached from that side. You should look up BK Brisbane centre and send email to Brother Lee James there I am sure he would like.
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Re: Lee James and BKWSU Australia

Post20 Mar 2015

top banana


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Talking of bananas....

Post01 Nov 2016

Answers on a postcard please: If an ology makes one a scientist; then am ism of the spiritual sort makes one a....?

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