BKWSU International Charter of Association

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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BKWSU International Charter of Association

Post30 Jan 2016

Can we really believe this stuff?

It strikes me the Western Order of the BKWSU includes a number of well meaning or exceptionally pretentious individuals (you decide) who are intelligent enough to compose a professionally looking document now ... but are fooling themselves and fooling others. No doubt copied on some United Nations related document or the like ...

I am not close enough to know how things are really going on in the West. I am giving the impression from active BKs that it is in a decline and defusing.

What interests me the most is the dissonance between what the idealistic or romantic/mystic/orientalist Western BKs think they are doing, and BK India and what it thinks it is doing. As for "God's" opinion on the matter ... "oh, don't worry about him. Silly old Baba ... we'll re-write whatever he says anyway!".

I'd say it was about 99% BS ... yet another mask to show outsiders and hide the truth behind. It may have been what the BKWSU *should* have been about ... but it's still about a million miles from being it despite all the multi-million spent on acquiring property and self-publicity.

For example, "To promote better understanding of and within the global human family through insight into the spiritual connections among the world’s religions". What do the BKs *really* know about world religion ... their God could not even tell the difference between Islam and Muslim, or Islam and Judaism, when it first came to earth!!!


We, the Brahma Kumaris aspire to:
    1. Encourage a deeper understanding of the individual's place and purpose within the broader context of life;
    2. Reaffirm the spiritual identity, inherent goodness, dignity, and worth of the human being;
    3. Encourage a change of awareness, attitude, vision, and behaviour within the human family;
    4. Foster a spirit of human brotherhood;
    5. Support the betterment of the human condition.


The aims of Brahma Kumaris are as follows:
    A. To offer learning in principles, values, and spiritual and moral understanding to those who are interested; to reaffirm the spiritual identity, inherent goodness, dignity, and worth of the human being; and to foster a spirit of universal brotherhood;
    B. To encourage transformation in individual awareness, attitude, and behaviour as the foundation of the overall advancement of the human condition throughout the world;
    C. To teach BK Raja Yoga meditation and related methods of personal development and positive thinking;
    D. To promote better understanding of and within the global human family through insight into the spiritual connections among the world’s religions;
    E. To clarify spiritual and moral perspectives on contemporary issues of personal, community, and global concerns, and to facilitate a greater awareness of corresponding rights and responsibilities to foster long- term, human-centred development;
    F. To enhance the skills, arts, and talents and higher levels of attainment and quality in personal, professional, and public life;


    A. God, the Supreme, is the divine parent of all human beings. As such
    we are all Brothers and Sisters through this eternal relationship with God. This forms the basis of brotherhood of the human family under the Fatherhood of God.
    B. Spirituality is the realization of the “self” as a soul with the common thread of understanding of one God and one world family.
    C. Shrimat (literally “elevated guidance”) is the spiritual knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris especially in regard to the Creator and creation, which forms the bedrock of the aims, beliefs and practices.
    D. All human souls are entitled to Shrimat by virtue of being eternal spiritual children of God, the Supreme Soul. Those who understand, accept, and embrace a life informed by Shrimat are known as Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris (BKs).

More on the attached document.

Minor history nore note ... arguably BK service *actually* started in the 1950s with the Japanese connection, not "which began in 1971".
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