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Scientific challenges to the beliefs promoted by the Brahma Kumaris so called "World Spiritual University"
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The Brain Dictionary

Post27 Apr 2016

From Nature magazine, a leading scientific journal ... Natural speech reveals the semantic maps that tile human cerebral cortex.

Have the BKs answered any of the most basic questions about the brain, or as they would like to pose, the brain-soul relationship? Why are words "saved" in the brain and not the soul? Summary, here.

I'd like a closer look at where religious words or ideas cause a reaction. Similar studies have been done on criminals to explore issues of morality ... why does not the so call Brahma Kumaris Goldly World Spiritual University invest some of its savings ... said to be enough to survive for 10 years without donations ... sponsoring some independent research?
Scientists have created an interactive map showing which brain areas respond to hearing different words. The map reveals how language is spread throughout the cortex and across both hemispheres, showing groups of words clustered together by meaning. The beautiful interactive model allows us to explore the complex organisation of the enormous dictionaries in our heads.

They then matched the transcripts of ... stories with ... brain activity data to show how groups of related words triggered neural responses in 50,000 to 80,000 pea-sized spots all over the cerebral cortex.

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Re: The Brain Dictionary

Post26 Apr 2017


So interesting information you have provided. That's why it is called brainwashing BKs' cult?

And so peoples are kept chanting​ 'soul' word without understanding their own brain system.

That means, our Brain trick and trap us into believing something so strongly rigidly, because it 'saves' and 'reacts' through the words we constantly listen!!

BKs are misusing this technique on their followers!

Correct me if I am wrong anywhere.

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