Birth of Planet Earth due to Collision with Second Planet

Scientific challenges to the beliefs promoted by the Brahma Kumaris so called "World Spiritual University"
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Birth of Planet Earth due to Collision with Second Planet

Post09 Mar 2017

'Catastrophe' Documentary on the Birth of Planet Earth

Catastrophe was a five-part documentary series that investigates the history of natural disasters, from the planet's beginnings to the present day, putting a new perspective on our existence and suggesting that we are the product of catastrophe.

The first programme tells the story of Earth's birth four and half billion years ago when a Mars-sized planet called Theia smashed into it with such force that it sent rock debris hurtling out into space forming the moon.

Now how are the Brahma Kumaris going to explain that happening every 5,000 years ... and how are they going to unpick all the parts to rebuild Planet Theia in time for it to repeat exactly in the next cycle ... or is their theory of an identically repeating 5,000 Year Cycle just plainly ridiculous?

Might it be a good thing if the Brahma Kumaris University was to add some science lessions into their "new education" curriculum?
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[quote]99% of all the creatures that have ever lived, no longer exist. They were wiped-out in a series of global catastrophes. Each disaster changed the course of evolution on earth. Without them mankind, nor any of the life we see around us, would be here today. For out of catastrophe comes rebirth. Evolution is a savage, imperfect and violent process. It's survive or perish. The earth's history of catastrophes has both moulded the planet and determined evolution. For each disaster led to another leap forward on the evolutionary trail form single celled bacteria to humankind itself.[quote]

Some scientists think that the material thrown into orbit originally formed two moons that later merged to form the single moon we know today. The Theia hypothesis also explains why Earth's core is larger than would be expected for a body its size: according to the hypothesis, Theia's core and mantle mixed with Earth's. Analysis of lunar rocks, published in 2016, suggests that the impact may have been a direct hit, causing a thorough mixing of both parent bodies.

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