BK Shivani on Transparency & Sex Abuse (it must've happened)

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Re: BK Shivani on Transparency & Sex Abuse (it must've happe

Post30 Jun 2018

In fact, I also like few things of Brahmakuaries and I have been practicing them in life. My only difficulty is that I find it difficult to follow celibacy imposed by my wife, because it leads me to do something unethical which I belive sin and I don't want to do any sin by keeping extra Marital affairs.

I wanted to be loyal with her. But her imposition of celibacy putting me in trouble. I am very much distrubed, please guide me properly. Is it necessary for married people who are associated with Brahma Kumaris to follow celibacy?
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Re: BK Shivani on Transparency & Sex Abuse (it must've happe

Post30 Jun 2018

Here’s the thing Sanju, You have to be clear about what you really want in life.

Some people think money will enable happiness.

Others think being ”spiritual” will enable happiness.

Some so-called ”spiritual” people will try to convince you that being unhappy will lead to happiness.

There is no defined ‘spirituality” .

Life is spiritual.

As the poet William Blake wrote ”Everything that lives is Holy” .

What is the relationship of celibacy to life? Is celibacy life- affirming or life-denying?

Is celibacy about saving your love for a rainy day?

OK , your wife has had two children and has no sexual desire. That is not unusual. It can take years for hormones to rebalance or for psychological readiness to feel sexually aroused again.

Maybe the BKs offer her a way to rationalise her abstinence or lack of libido, to be supported in that and feel abstinence is ”better than normal”. This pits you against the BKs who will use every trick they know (many) to pull her closer to them, along with any assets she has access to - car, money, time, etc.

How is she otherwise? Is she, or has she been, a little withdrawn and depressed? Post-natal depression can even hit a woman years after giving birth. Is she burdened with housework and responsibilties/ Do you do equal share? Research has shown that many women find men doing housework entusiastically an aphrodisiac. I am not making that up.

As ex-l said - spirituality is not owned by any one group, no group or religion is ”highest”.

In fact, such a claim proves they are not!

Take his advice and find a substitution for BKs that will fulfil yours and your wife’s needs for spiritual community, one (or more) that marriage and life generally instead of disavowing it , tolerating it and discouraging it.

Beware of any group that has an ”inside versus outside" view of themselves and the world.


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Re: BK Shivani on Transparency & Sex Abuse (it must've happe

Post30 Jun 2018

I really respect her, always helping her in household work, I don't want to loose her, that's why I have been following celibacy for 3 years for her happiness, against my desire, because I love her.

Now I found myself that I cannot follow it any longer. I have so many options to have extramarital affairs but I know that is not ethical and I don't want to get involved in unethical things.

I really don't know what to do?
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Re: BK Shivani on Transparency & Sex Abuse (it must've happe

Post30 Jun 2018

I believe that you really do love her, and that you are a good husband.

Does she love you back equally now, or have all her affections been channeled to their Baba?

Has the local centre-in-charge or Did taken the place of you are her "husband", giving her orders (Shrimat) and telling her what to do?

Your response to BKism is natural and rational. You are seeing through it.

She might just be thinking that it suits her to have you support her financially but to live without you as a BK and without having to make love to you etc. It's a power and 'control' thing within the relationship.

Within BKism, however, we have recorded cases where wives *have* instructed their husband to go off with other women right from the very start of the religion during Om Mandli period up until this day.

BKism ends families and relationships. If she is fully indoctrinated, she has already "died alive".

Has she? Is she fully indoctrinated? Has you asked her to snap out of BKism?

I forget, how old are your children?

If she is not willing to snap out of BKism, my next concern would be to protect your wealth and property for the sake of your children, and to protect your children from becoming sucked up. Especially any daughter.

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