Radical Flank Effects

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Radical Flank Effects

Post20 Apr 2019

Radicals make moderates appear more reasonable by shifting the boundaries of discourse.

Radicals may also create crises that authorities seek to resolve through concessions to moderates.

Radicals protect more moderate activists from repression, thereby allowing the nonviolent actions to continue.

13 years since the establishment of this website ... just in case "progressive" BKs and their apologists do not get what some of this was all about, see ... Radical Flank Effects.

Of course, it Brahma Kumaris Info is also a place for 'BK survivors' to work out and work through their experiences as 'BK victims', and offer the current generation of BK a bigger view on the life.

If you are still reading us from time to time ... please stop lending the Kirpalani Klan your own credibility, skills and intelligence. Stop allowing them to erode your own integrity, as they consume the above. They are beyond saving. You cannot and will not change them and their mega-death wish.

Having destroyed their own lives by following an old man's manic delusions ... End of the World in WWII, 1950, 1976, 1986, 1986 to 1996 ... all they can do now is sustain themselves by consuming and destroying yours.
Radical Flank Effects


Radical flank effects (RFEs) are interactive processes involving radical and moderate factions of social movements and third parties outside those movements. They result in detrimental and/or beneficial impacts of radical group actions upon the reputations and effectiveness of more moderate collective actors — typically social movement organizations. The relative “radicalism” or “moderation” of actors is generally defined in terms of the degree of legitimacy that is imputed to their objectives, rhetoric, and tactics by relevant external audiences. Radical flank effects were first studied systematically by Haines (1984, 1988) in his investigations of the American civil rights/black power movements, but other scholars had made reference to RFE‐like phenomena in earlier works on the civil rights (Killian 1975), feminist (Freeman 1975), labor (Ramirez 1978) and antinuclear (Barkan 1979) movements.

See also; Deepening the Explanation of Radical Flank Effects: Tracing Contingent Outcomes of Destructive Capacity. Ellefsen, Rune.

(Yes, we are the "BK souls" who actually quote independent academic research to back up our positions too, in an attempt to revitalise your brains once again)

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Re: Radical Flank Effects

Post21 Apr 2019

The BKs have been using one vital principle of directed change from classical applied anthropology. It is the support of the IPs and VIP in their mission of global transformation. However, within and external to the BK organization are dissident individuals with social parity with the targeted IPs and VIPs who are also agents of change with authenticity exceeding and equal to those solicited by the BKs. The late Elizabeth Kubler-Ross never went on a mission to create believers in issues on death and dying, she only focused on educating the world on the science of death and dying, with a clean and clear heart.

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