Open for Business - Again

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Open for Business - Again

Post05 Sep 2019

The commercial operation is now in full swing, for the upcoming tourist season. Please be mindful of the crowd and be prepared to stay in dorms - that's for you BKs. That's because the individual rooms are all sold out to "GUESTS". We have too many programs going on, where people bring in money, or we bring in those who can influence and get us.. you are correct... MORE MONEY

So, you lowly BKs who are only coming with hope and expectations of "experience with Baba"... move over and make way... the money truck is rolling in ...

Dates for Madhuban Season 2019/20
08 July 2019
Season’s dates and Double Foreigners Program

Madhuban is welcoming us and this season we have the fortune of 11 groups for the Avyakt meetings. Below is a schedule of dates for the 2019-2020 season

As you will see below, the full season for double foreigners will start with the Avyakt Meeting on 30 November, with smaller groups welcome for 17 October and 15 November Avyakt Meetings.

Groups One & Two: 17 October and 15 November 2019 Avyakt Meetings

Due to a continuous number of guest retreats in Gyan Sarovar and festivals from mid-October to early December, all of the rooms in Harmony House, Vishnupuri and Shanti Kunj Bhawan will be occupied by guests, BK companions for guests, helpers and IP/VIP Bharatwasi guests.

Therefore, during this time, for BKs who are not helping with the retreats and are coming for the season, only dormitory-style accommodation will be available in Raj Rishi Bhawan (Gyan Sarovar) and Pandav Bhawan. As only a limited number can be accommodated we wish to offer these places to those groups who can adjust with dormitories.

A small number of Hindi-speaking BKs can be accommodated in Shantivan for 17 October and 15 November meetings. This group may have day visits to Pandav Bhawan and Gyan Sarovar, but would not be able to stay.

The numbers are:
    - 50 Double Foreigners in Gyan Sarovar (who are willing to stay in Raj Rishi Bhawan dormitories)

    - 100 Double Foreigners in Pandav Bhawan (who are willing to stay in dormitories)

    - 100 Double Foreigners in Shantivan (Hindi-speaking Double Foreigners)
Therefore the allocation is as follows:
    - Gyan Sarovar and Pandav Bhawan: 30 per region

    - Shantivan: 20 per region
Please let your National Coordinator office know how many BKs wish to come for these groups by 15 July. The National Coordinator office will liaise with the RC to confirm those spaces or otherwise.

Group Three: 30 November Avyakt Meeting

As there will be guest retreats in Gyan Sarovar until early December, 300 BKs can be accommodated in Gyan Sarovar, and 100 BKs can be accommodated in Pandav Bhawan in dormitory-style accommodation only.

Please be aware that as a very large group of guests will be in Gyan Sarovar until 24 November, it may be that the rooms you want are not ready on your arrival, as they need to be cleaned, but please just adjust and be patient.

Groups Four onwards: Avyakt Meeting of 15 December 2019 onwards

Double Foreigners may arrange their travel for Group 4 dates onwards. Accommodation for double foreigners will be in Gyan Sarovar and Pandav Bhawan.

It is requested that double foreigners come for one meeting, and adhere to the Group Dates, as there are just few days in between for the cleaning of rooms before the next group arrives.

It is requested that those coming for Group 11, leave on the dates mentioned, to allow for cleaning and preparation for the season of Indian retreats and meetings.

Retreats with Centre Residents & Right Hands of Centres (incl Gita Pathshala Coordinators)

Please note that this season there will not be a retreat for this group in October as there has been in the last few years. Instead, we will be holding a few two-day retreats during the Double Foreigner program for those from Centre Residents & Right Hands of Centres (incl Gita Pathshala Coordinators). More information about these will be coming to you.

There will be Double Foreigner Programs in all 11 of the Groups

Please note that for the groups where there is a smaller number of Double Foreigners present, there will be a small range of activities and classes available. For the largest Groups, in particular groups 9 & 10, there will be a wide number of activities, classes, retreats and Seniors.


Those who need small rooms due to health, couples who need a room together or the elderly, are requested to avoid the 17 October and 15 November meetings, and to come for the 6 March, 20 March or 3 April meetings where more facilities are available. Please avoid coming for the 20 February meeting as the National Coordinators & CCs will be there and it's also much colder in mid-February.

We look forward to an uplifting season (aka profitable season)

With love,

In Baba's Yaad,
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Re: Open for Business - Again

Post05 Sep 2019

Can you translate that into plain English? How about ...

"Guest retreats" ...
    Useful upper middle class non-BKs that they are trying to seduce/impress?
Inducement to BKs, "you can only get a single room if you bring in an important/valuable/rich mark, in which case you can stay on as their handler. The rest of you stay in the dormitary accommodation"?

"Avyakt meetings"
    BadDada is not coming, so you'll just have to imagine it?
Do they have to do their own room cleaning, or do they have staff to look after them?

Jeez, that leaves me cold. They've become the Holiday Inn Express of the spiritual world.

Shrimat to all ... "You shall have a spiritual experience, scheduled in for the morning of third day, followed by afternoon tiffin. All bags must be out and rooms must vacated by 11am the next day. Have a nice day".

Is "the meeting" just watching videos now? It's a wonder they have not invested in the latest holographic projectors yet.

What's the latest on Gulzar/BapDada? Are they giving up on the mediumship show?
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Re: Open for Business - Again

Post06 Sep 2019

This reminds me of an inexpensive but reasonably useful utility software program I used to use. It started out providing a decent product at low cost and was quite successful, established in the market.

Then the company was sold to new owners who after a little while released a new version which many previous owners immediately paid about $50 each to buy the well-promoted upgrade. It was "whizz bang” best ever said the ads!

On the computer screen you'd see dials and progress bars all showing it doings its tasks at a faster speed than the old version and a few new functions too. Except it was all just graphics - nothing was actually being done.

The new owners did no R&D, they simply used the email database they’d purchased with the business assets, contacted old owners with their announcement of a new version ,which was nothing more than a video essentially, that looked like a utility app was running, but how would a layperson know otherwise. They made lots of money.

Ads for the new version and its false claims were all over the internet, and they still appear if you search certain keywords. It took over a year or more for reviewers and forums to get the word around that the thing had become a scam, possibly a data collecting ”trojan” and even possibly a malware carrier.

They are still operating announcing new versions despite all the publicity and articles and user reviews etc. After all, empty shells are cheap to produce and there's still lots of fish in the sea.

This approach to ”business” is not unique to software. ‘Avyakt BapDada” seasons is the BK version of this old trick.


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Re: Open for Business - Again

Post06 Sep 2019


I see this transition to dorms and the change in "admittance rules" to the following scenarios,
    1. Now that the real (sister in charge) Avyakt season has ended, it is only a video presentation and make believe charade, this has reduced the number of Western BKs interested and willing to shell out the money for the flight, and also "pay moola when they in Madhuban". Hard to fool them in the same manner as bharatwasis.

    2. In spite of above, if the Western BK wants to come to Madhuban during the "season", they must be really "into it", so they are not going to object to the dormitories and reduced privileges. Although, the Western BKs would still get higher privileges than the bharatwasis.

    3. In spite of 1 and 2, the money generated from retreats, conferences, both present and future would be lot more than what a one week stay from a BK would generate, so there goes the BK's spot.

    4. Finally, as for bharatwasis, it is easy to convince them with sweet words, threats of sinning, guilt feeling, shame etc etc and they would gladly come into the dormitories. On top of it, they would also provide free "service" and say thank you !
As for Gulzar Dadi, I have this "waste" thought ! Although I use it contemplate on my own Self
    1. Why is a Soul that is "so elevated" still undergoing physical suffering? It would make more sense if there is world benefit from that but I don't see any such thing. Actually, Gulzar Dadi's memory is almost completely erased, and used only in the "past tense" (through past Avyakt vidoes), as if that Soul has already departed this world.

    2. Likewise, Dadi Janki. Is that Soul suffering through its presence or is it contributing to the BKs sustenance and growth?

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