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Re: Meditation, ‘yogic agriculture’ - BKWSU

Post03 Oct 2019

Someone came on here and said something like the BKWSU has enough cash and gold reserves to survive 12, I think it was, years without donations. Why when they tell their suckers adherents the world is going to end in 2 or 3 years?

All around us, we see that the wealthy get to accumulate more wealth, and enjoy it ... only with the added component of Power. By this I mean, along with Money Power, they add Muscle Power, aka Political Power, to make their experience more complete (in their sense). Without political background/power, money power would not be sufficient to keep the wolves at bay.

So, the BKs have to keep generating more wealth, pass on the benefits of their association to the politicians and in turn use the politicians to enhance their wealth further. Might sound complicated or confusing ... but there in lies the success of these pseudo-Gurus and Orgs who keep their suckers/adherents glued to them. Not even feeling that their blood is being sucked ...

Here is a story I heard, supposedly from a Japanese who hunts to capture a wolf that is killing his sheep, during severe winter.

He kills a sheep and smears its blood on a cold/frozen pole. The wolf comes, smells the blood and starts licking the frozen pole. Its tongue starts to crack and blood from its tongue also starts flowing on the pole. Without realizing that it is its own blood, the wolf licks it more vigorously ... and eventually dies !!!

Sorry suckers/adherents ... hopefully you will realize and get out before the end ... or your end !

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