Sister Jayanti Chasing £1m Home of Tragically Deceased BKs

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Re: Sister Jayanti Chasing £1m Home of Tragically Deceased B

Post08 Nov 2019

What I realised in this case, is that a pilot of private aircraft to VIPs and billionaires ... is *VERY* unlikely *NOT* to have had considerable life insurance.

Therefore, what the BKs are after is not just the money and property ... but also the insurance payment.

What did think for one moment about the 70 and 80 year old parents of the deceased? Clearly nothing ... they are impure, ignorant, devilish ... the BKs would *SURELY* be doing them a great karmic favour to take all Eric's and Izabela's money and use for their own PR and property investments!!!

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Re: Sister Jayanti Chasing £1m Home of Tragically Deceased B

Post08 Nov 2019

One question, where does Sister Jayanti get her money to live?

Apparently, she has never gotten wages from the BKWSU (UK) charity. However, from those accounts, I see estimates for the refurbishment of the Oxfordshire mansion house have raised to £6,800,000 now ... that's £1,800,000 up since when I first read it. So much for "Lord of the Poor" and serving humanity, it strikes me they are just serving themselves.

Also they spent over £100,000 on IT, on top of £10,000s on equipment and hire. One has to wonder how? I thought they did all their own development in-house or in India?

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Re: Sister Jayanti Chasing £1m Home of Tragically Deceased B

Post10 Nov 2019

A response to the email sent by Eric and Izabela's family members to BK centres, from Jayanti Kirpalani to BK centres.

One has to wonder if Jayanti actually writes these things herself.

It appears that she is being dishonest here, telling the centres that, "We have always been open to meeting with the family to resolve this ... and up until now have been unable to have a second meeting with the family" when, in fact, the BKs are the ones refusing to meet, and are making them have to go through the BKs' lawyers, Veale Wasbrough Vizards LLP.

This is similar to the half-truths or lies they told about us when Hansa Raval started her legal action to try and shut us down.

I question the truth of the claim, "we sought legal advice" ... because the BKs acted within hours of the deaths and without contact Eric and Isabella's next of kin. I suspect there is a manipulation of the timeline going on here and the legal advice was sought later, after they discovered their real families were involved.
From: Alka Patel <>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2019, 16:56
Subject: Response of understanding to the email from the families of Eric and Izabela
To: GCHLists - Program Info - UK <>

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Loving greetings.

We are aware that many of you have recently received correspondence from the families of Eric Swaffer and Izabela Lechowicz through which they are reaching out to all of us.

We would like to explain to you how we are trying to resolve this and give you some background to the situation.

We possess a validly executed Will made by Eric in 1996. This names the Brahma Kumaris as the sole Beneficiaries/Executor of Eric's Estate. Following the tragic loss of Eric and Izabela, according to the usual procedure, we sought legal advice as to what our duties as Executors are and how these are to be carried out. These include a duty to protect the Estate. The charity trustees also have a basic duty to protect charity assets including legacies.

We therefore took steps to secure Eric's home, but this had already been done by the family immediately following the tragedy. We made contact with Eric and Izabela’s families and were able to meet them so that we could express our deepest sympathies and sensitively try to establish the best way in which we could work together to administer Eric's Estate. The only legal document we had was the Will from 1996.

At this time, we were not aware of the possible existence of another Will, which has been referred to in the emails from Eric and Izabela's families. As soon as we were alerted by them of the existence of a later Will, we immediately stopped taking any action and tried to delicately engage with Eric and Izabela's families to work out a solution to this situation. We requested a copy of this Will to establish whether or not we were under a legal duty to act. Unfortunately, we have not, until recently, been able to establish the legality of this document. If we had, then the situation would have been clear. We made several attempts to contact the family, with no response and so we reluctantly had to go to lawyers. We now therefore find ourselves in this difficult position and up until now have been unable to have a second meeting with the family.

Our aim has always been to work collaboratively with Eric’s and Izabela’s families in an attempt to reach an agreement that will bring peace to the family. We have always been open to meeting with the family to resolve this.

We do not know of any evictions that have taken place as described in the family’s email.

Eric and Izabela were very much loved by BKs around the world and we send all our good wishes to the families of Eric and Izabela.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or further thoughts to share.

With love and regards,

In Baba’s remembrance,

Sister Jayanti

And what on earth does, "Our aim has always been to work collaboratively with Eric’s and Izabela’s families in an attempt to reach an agreement that will bring peace to the family".

What agreement on earth would "bring peace to the family" ... more than the BKs just keeping their noses out of their families' business?

There is also a degree of "dishonesty through omission", as in not "telling a lie" specifically ... but not telling the whole truth about what they have been getting up to.

One question I had was how did they even know Eric had died? My only first guess would be the small note on Sanjay Tulsidas's biography that says ... he is a football fan. Eric and Isabel died flying the chairman of a leading football team away from the team's stadium. No one would have notified the BKs he had been killed.

Eric wrote the Will in 1996, before he even met his soul mate Izabela 20 years ago. He had been with her for 20 years. Do they really believe he would exclude her and his or their families from one?

I think this raises serious ethical issues about what validity do all of the Wills the BK leadership made BKs sign and keep in their big trunks have. What rights do the BKs have to try and exploit such Wills ... and how many have they attempted to exploit ... when the individuals have clearly moved on with their lives?

Surely this needs to be reviewed by the BKs, e.g. any Wills they hold being reviewed on a regular basis and destroyed if the individuals no longer follow the religion?

Jayanti sickeningly attempts to pose as being the responsible party acting out of concern and responsibility for the deceased ... when, in truth, all the cult is attempting to do is exploit a ridiculous Will that was written by them, witnessed by them, and signed under undue influence and on their property.

How on earth can she think she is "bringing peace" to a family that has just lost two loved ones, and to their 70 and 80 year infirm parents, by snooping around the property hours after the individuals have died, attempting to take possession of it, and by employing hevy weight lawyers to obstruct the family from applying for a grant of probate and handling matters relating to their Estate?

The conceit ... the insensitivity ... the audacity ... the blatant material greed disgusts me ... but defines the Brahma Kumari leadership.

I hope there is a real hell because this case alone - and the pain they have already caused - has carved out a room in it especially for them.

And, Alka Patel, you are an equally inhuman little **** for being an instrument to consciencelessly send out such lies and manipulation out. Individual BKs need to take more of a principled stand about such issues.
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Re: Sister Jayanti Chasing £1m Home of Tragically Deceased B

Post11 Nov 2019

One of our Prime Ministers in the 1990s once said ”Never get between a [state] premier and a bucket of money” . The same could be said about religion and cults.

My deceased parents, devout Christians, once offered half of their 30 acre property on which they lived to the church to build a chapel as there was no place of worship for a long way around.

Negotiations took different forms over a number of years. The church at first said they wanted the whole property, and when that was not forthcoming, they said they preferred the eastern half of the property - where my parents lived - rather than the Western half which was unused, available and what was actually offered. My parents eventually withdrew their offer completely, but every now and then, like a dormant virus, the church again put out feelers to see what was on offer. They never got it.

Now as you said ex-l, it is a matter of probate, a simple legal action to find out if there is a more recent valid will and any other claims, debts etc. The BKs lawyers, if they were competent and acting gprofessionally, would have advised that was the course of action and should have done that first before ”assuming” to take action, especially given 23 years have passed since the 1996 will.

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