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Lower Level Perception and Higher Level Perception
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2005 12:45 am    Post subject:

John wrote:
I think taking Drishti from someone who is impure is not good.

In my opinion the system of BKs siting on the gaddi etc and giving dhristhi to others is a very stupid system. For one thing, it is obvious that BKs who are enforcing this kind of a system are having their ego satisfied by thinking that they are the greats who are so great that people are yearning for their dhristi but in truth this may not be the case. Mostly, BKs are forced to get dhristi and they are trained to praise it. Frankly speaking the system of making BKs stand in a line to get toli, gifts and dhristi seems like as if BKs are being trained to beg. And those seniors who are giving the toki and gifts etc must really enjoy seeing others beg them. This is really disgusting.

Many times when those sitting on the gaddi looked at me so as to give me dhristi, it felt like as if I was being subjected to the devilish sanskaras of the one who is supposed to be giving the dhristi. I am quite sensitive to the subtle feelings of people and so I am able to recognise what is happening.

I am not saying that there is no such thing as dhristi. Dhristi does help but one has to have a very good stage and good wishes in the heart for the one towards whom one is giving dhristi. If one does not have good wishes for the one towards whom one is giving dhristi, it is better not to look at them or into their eyes. It is better to look away and concentrate on one's stage instead. Anyway, one can give dhristi to another at any time, even if one is not sitting on the stage. There is no neccesity to make a show of giving dhristi. If one is in a good stage and we look into their eyes, we can also fly. However, we can help others fly without looking into their eyes. There is a great deal of emphasis given, in the so-called "center-approved" interpretations, to making sure that those involved in administration of the Brahma Kumaris can continue doing so with easy and confort as per their heart's desire. In those interpretations, there is a great deal of emphasis on giving status or importance to those involved in admistration so as to make sure that the work of the Brahma Kumaris continues to be caried out. I would say that this is similar to bhakti because God is allowing us to satisfy our body-conscious desires. God is God and we are students. We have to decide as to which category we want to go into. But, in my opinion, it is OK to fulfill our body-conscious desires (for the time being) until we become completely perfect or until the time when we are able to have more control over those specific desires. So long as we keep making effort, everything is fine and we should only look at our own faults and not at the faults of others. But it is good to understand that not all the center-approved interpretations are accurate. And to understand, we have to discuss it and let others know that they should not get too carried away. But when in the Brahma Kumaris, it is better to just flow along with what is happening and to just take that which is beneficial. One senior had told me, when I was new in gyan, that I should just take the benefits and go back without mixing too much with BKs who are doing service in the centers. There are a lot of things which we can learn while in the Brahma Kumaris and there are a lot of benefits too in moving within a gathering of souls who are in a powerful stage. From my experiences it would seem like as if when two or more souls are in a powerful stage at the same place (near each other) the power emitted through those souls seem to combine to become greater. Even though we are in yoga with God, the power of yoga of a gathering is special. Thus, it is good to keep a leg within the Brahma Kumaris.
God's angel.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2005 7:30 am    Post subject:

I fully agree with you bkry, on everything you said above. Clearly your power of tolerance is greater than mine when you can see things as they are (or at least the same as how i saw them), and still 'keep a leg in' with them.. it is a hard balancing act to perform...
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